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Your Key To Health, Wealth, Abundance And Joy

Health, and the maintenance of it, is perhaps the most vital issue confronting each of us in our life.

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11 Dream Centres That Support Your Soul

Foreword by Nigel Taylor ( I have been blessed to travel my whole life. I have journeyed far and wide, meeting […]

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The Power Of Prayer

Even Atheists could benefit from praying every once in a while..

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The Healing Powers Of Meditation

There is so much more to the practice than meets the eye.

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Using The Therapeutic Power Of Spices To Heal Disease

In many parts of the world, including India, spices are considered sacred…

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101 Ways To Love Each Other

Too often we get distracted by the trivial and forget how important it is to nurture our relationships.

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The Power Of Creative Visualization

The art of Creative Visualization is a gift that everyone can acquire.

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happy family

10 Keys To Happiness

Happiness is truly a prized possession.

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woman meditating in field

10 Magical Days Of Vipassana Meditation

Training the brain to quiet down…

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Helpful Tools To Support A Magical Life

When you start on a path of spiritual growth support of all kinds is helpful.

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7 Reasons To Drink Rose Water

Used since the time of Cleopatra, it’s thought to help with everything from stress to allergies.

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Activating The Power Of Thought!

You can activate forces that will help transform your dreams…

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7 Secrets Productive People Use To Stay Focused

If you struggle to stay on task, you’re not alone.

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The Amazing Challenges Of Global Scavenger Hunt 2016

Imagine circling the globe—from West Coast to East Coast…

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