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Nigel Taylor is an acclaimed author, energy healer, and spiritual counselor who offers a carefully compassionate approach to helping explain the unexplainable in your life through the use of meditations with binaural beats, personal healing sessions, foundational spiritual programs, as well as live classes and events around the world.  


While Australia is Nigel’s homeland, he has traveled to more than 45 countries sharing his transformational teachings that serve individuals, schools, corporations, and institutions across the planet.  From spending time with aboriginal tribes in Australia to studying ancient mystic wisdom in the Himalayas – Nigel shares his personal journey with a storytelling nature that relates to people of any age or background.  His charismatic approach helps provide clarity and understanding behind the uncanny and esoteric.  


Connecting with Nigel can be the beginning step to help you question the coincidences in your life in order to begin exploring your true potential, connect with your higher self, and discover your life’s meaning.


From topics of consciousness expansion, how to manage stress with guided meditations, brain entrainment, spiritual healing, and unending others, Nigel simplifies the most profound concepts into relatable terms and everyday tools for people of any age, background, or belief system.

Transformative Stories

“Nigel Taylor’s work is singularly sound and effective. His techniques blend the tried and true into a new approach which will serve as a blueprint for international application. I have clearly seen the benefit derived by those who have experienced his programs.”  Robert B. Stone, PhD – Author of 70 books including Nightingale-Conants’ Mind-Body Communication


Connect with Nigel in-person at a variety of different transformational events, spiritual retreats, and higher consciousness courses.  These life-changing classes give you direct access to Nigel and his charismatic and healing energy.  He offers a number of events around the globe.

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About Nigel


Nigel Taylor is a world renowned author, energy healer, and spiritual counselor.  His passion is to teach and his mission is to serve you as a guide to help you explore your own truths, connect you with your higher self, and discover your own life mission and purpose.   As a teacher, consultant, keynote speaker, media guest, executive and personal mentor, Nigel Taylor’s guidance has empowered thousands with wisdom, clarity and comfort in our troubled times.  Nigel’s authentic compassion paired with his charismatic storytelling nature makes his teachings approachable and accessible to all.  Whether in person at one of his live courses or through experiencing his healing meditations and transformational teachings, Nigel’s warmth, love, and reverence for the truth will reveal your own true, personal path to mastery.

Transformational Teachings

The Eternal Quest


Everyone is engaged in the Eternal Quest. No matter what belief or lack thereof one may hold as truth, each will pass through the trails and tribulations of a life path destined to uplift their soul.  Many throughout time have chosen to partake in this Quest unconsciously. To participate consciously opens a whole new vista on life’s purpose and the capacity to master and direct the journey towards the very best outcomes.


Asking questions is the core to the quest. Knowing how to ask them and how to discern the quality of the response is key. Those who ask, listen, discern and answer the burning questions of life awaken the deepest wisdom in their hearts.

Manifesting Perfect Health Meditation Series


Health is a right . . . not a privilege.  For way too long humanity has seen healing as being directed and governed by forces outside of themselves.  This surrenders one’s ability to create a profound and noticeable difference in your overall well-being and enjoyment of a life well lived.

The Healing Quest is created from scratch with your overall health in mind. Nigel has developed a ten step program, through which each meditation leads into the next, building upon a firm healing foundation. That which is found in the first replicates and unfolds deeper as you progress higher. Plus, he has infused each meditation with the science of Satsonics©.

Intuitive Soul Mastery


Developed out of the Power Before Thought teachings, Nigel offers you Intuitive Soul mastery as a training program created to uplift and empower your sense of Self. One hears often enough that we are all “ONE”. That the way we think and emote influence our world and the world of those around us. This is all philosophy until one can firmly experience this reality as their own truth.


To that end the ISM training assists you to develop indisputable skills to open the door to your intuitive (psychic) wisdom.   Intuitive Soul mastery is a key element in the Eternal Quest. It is the launching pad for great soul evolution and mind expansion.

Transformative Stories

“I met Nigel at a Lightworker’s Conference.  There was something about him that immediately drew me in, an openness that was not put on or manufactured.  It was natural, deep, and real . . ”



– Lecturer, Troubadour, Author Emissary of Light and Secret Order of the Beloved Disciple

“Nigel delivers a message directly from the Source. It is a message that enters the core of our hearts and transforms our beingness. I encourage you to partake with your heart and your Soul.”



– P’TAAH Best Selling Author and Presence of P’TAAH

“Powerful! Timely! Initiation Into Miracles (Nigel’s first book) offers a rich collection of life lessons that catapult us beyond the obvious, into the hidden wisdom of such lessons.”



– Author of Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion, Awakening to Zero Point, The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy, The God Code, and The Divine Matrix

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