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Encounters On The Quest Of Enlightenment

I want to speak to you today about inner peace, and in particular how to achieve this by way of meditation. Remember Inner peace for many has been so illusory that it is oftentimes thought of as a nice relaxing evening watching a horror movie, or a day out at the races. However, true Inner Peace is a multi-dimensional quality and one which when understood has ramifications across the whole spectrum of your life and well being. Understanding of this is going to be essential for you to move forward with a productive, rewarding life. However, to address this issue we must first allude to something else of equal importance to begin with. Health.

Wealth Without Health is a Path That Leads Nowhere

Health, and the maintenance of it is perhaps the most vital issue confronting each of us in our life. It always has been, and no doubt always will be. It goes without saying, wealth without health is a path that leads nowhere that anyone would truly want to go. Wealth, abundance, love, light, joy, happiness are all co-factors of health. Each of these is both a contributor and an end result of health. The understanding of health, how to maintain it, rectify imbalances in the manner of disease states and other maladies is a multi-trillion dollar industry worldwide. It covers the spectrum of all information and teachings, modalities and treatments from mainstream, fully “legally” and somewhat “socially sanctioned” sanctioned pharmaceutical and surgical approaches, through to that which is regarded as “out there’ alternatives and complimentary approaches of energy medicine, herbal treatments, homeopathy and all manner of spiritual intervention. Despite there being such a huge range of options to choose from, and despite the fact that there is somewhat of an ever present war between big Pharma and the alternatives, one key question still needs to be answered. “Are you enjoying day by day vibrant good health and well- being?”

If you took a current snapshot of your current health and well being how would you rate any number of factors such as : Sleep quality; digestion and assimilation health; Vision and hearing; musculature and cardio-vascular function; diet and nutrition; and so forth. That is just the physical side of things. Remember there are the contributing factors of emotions and mental attitudes that also play their part along with environmental and of course spiritual elements. Health then is literally co-existent and inseparable from Inner peace. The go together like heat and fire, milk and whiteness, honey and sweetness. Try and have health without Inner Peace or try and achieve Inner Peace without health.

I ask this of you because over many years I have met and worked with men, women and children who have each had to confront a broad range of imbalances in their overall well-being. From fatigue, exhaustion, pre-mature aging, spinal issues, digestive issues, right through to diseases of our age – diabetes; lupus; aids, cancer, arthritis, anxiety and sleep disorders, bulimia and so forth. take any of these labels and drill down deep you will find underlying causes far greater than the symptoms which manifest in your everyday life. And, it takes time for these symptoms to manifest, so the pathway is laid long before the manifestation reveals itself. So, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being perfect), exactly where are you now?

Is Your Health Imbalanced?

If you are not at 10 or thereabouts then something in your overall well being is out of balance. Such an imbalance you can recognise more by way of its effects than its causes. See if you can relate to any of these:


  • Periods of restlessness, listlessness or boredom.
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed by circumstances.
  • Weight gain or loss.
  • Motivational issues affecting performance of daily chores and overall progress in life.
  • Irritability with self and loved ones.
  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches, tension in back and shoulders, digestive issues and so forth.
  • Appeal of certain foods, behaviours and activities that previously held no appeal and currently offer no significant reward for your participation in them. yet they lure you in – smoking; drinking; caffeine addiction, anger outbursts, sadness and so forth.


Do you notice what’s missing from each of the above? A state of Inner Peace.

The Key is Inner Peace

The list could go on, however the clues are always outward, oftentimes recognised by those close to you before you see them in yourself. Why not then do something to correct them? Most likely many of you have. For instance, starting a discipline such as Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, yoga, exercise, nutritional awareness or one of the infinite other extremely valuable tools available to you. All of these approaches offer great benefits, albeit some more than others. In this pursuit of understanding yourself, maybe you attended a personal development workshop. learning a little here and there and some new techniques for coping with life’s challenges. Some will even find themselves attending a spiritual retreat, delving deep into the why’s and wherefore’s of the spiritual essence of their being. Great. One more question though!

If you have done this and still have things a little out of harmony, then we need to look deeper. Something is missing and that something is not answered by all that you have done so far. It is a missing key and is of vital importance to your sense of Inner Peace, overall health and well being. This missing key looks at everything in your reality and sees them not as a series of dots scattered across the map that defines the territory of your life. Rather it reveals how each and every dot (which represent vital events in your life) are connected into a whole and in so doing reveal a picture far grander than the individual parts.

That picture is of you, your health and well being. One dot may be just a headache or insomnia. Three dots may be an anger outburst at your spouse, stomach upset and a rear ender with whiplash. Still there is something missing from this picture. When you have the larger picture then you can see the whole of who and what you are at all levels of your being. Where in all of this is Inner Peace?

Stop and Take Stock of Your Life Journey

That which is missing is our Master Key to abundant health, wealth, joy, love, light and satisfaction in your life journey. To that end it is time to stop and take stock of where you are in your life journey – physically; emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is only when you do this that you begin to actually Self Realise that life is a journey and every thought, word and deed are creative acts that help contour and manifest the outcomes we experience at all levels of our being. Every life has ups and downs, takes us around bends, into deep dark valleys and propels us up into the heights of great light. That’s life. Your life. How often have you truly taken time out to stop and look at where you have been, why you were there, and what the consequences have been for you and those with whom you share of any particular aspect of your journey? Then to track forward and see how different life would have been if different choices had been made.

Inner Peace is Our Nature

So let us now return to Inner Peace. Inner Peace is a choice, although we do not always perceive it that way. In fact Inner Peace is our nature and to drift away from that state is paramount to setting oneself up to experience trials and tribulations in one’s life journey. We oftentimes believe we have no choice in our life and act from a position of reactance rather than evolution. Choices, in general influence outcomes and they in turn influence the manner and degree of interaction with your Higher Self, and as a consequence all others. So, if there is a deep and abiding desire to really nurture and heal oneself, it must be understood in the context of being a choice. And, that choice is now before you. To act or not to act. The door to vibrant self knowing is open for you to walk through. It will not open of its own accord, it relies upon you actively making a choice to turn the handle, open the door and walk through it. Such a choice is vitally important in each of our lives, for at the end of the day, life is lived through the window of peace and joy or chaos and angst. And of course all possible combinations between these two opposites.

How to Test Your Inner Peace

Here is a good test for your own Inner Peace. How well do you sleep. I do not mean with sleeping aids, but rather how well do you sleep without any form of sleeping aid. When a mind is completely at peace and totally in harmony with all that has transpired during each and every day, and this continues across a stretch of time, then sleep is generally very healthy, restful and healing. Anything less than this and the agitations of the heart are felt in the sleep state. Such agitations are evidence that inner peace is not an ongoing ever present quality being experienced in your soul.

Unlike pop psychology, New Age teachings and “it was my karma” approach to understanding inner peace, there is a deep, hidden, inner resource that can be tapped and unlocked to work with you and for you in ways that are continuous and expanding. If you have worked with the simple ideas of meditation, mantras, chantings, NLP, Mind Mastery Trainings and so forth, and if they appear to have worked for you – wonderful. However, take note of how many people have applied these principles, seen them work for a period of time, only to at some point come to the realisation that still yet, something is missing. See what happens now. These folk, and you may be one of them start to doubt and question whether or not these principles ever had any substance. Inner Peace starts to slip away as this doubt then leads to further agitations. Before you know it you are back at the drawing board, albeit a little older and hopefully a little wiser.

I have seen this pattern play out over many, many years across this planet. Once you recognise its presence in your life, then you are beginning to take steps to address the cause and hence resolve the effects as they play out on a daily basis. It is here that we turn to ancient principles, tried and tested by master teachers across the ages. This takes us on a search into the deeper meaning of the Universal principles at play, revealing exactly why this onset of challenge and doubt sets in and disturbs our otherwise natural state of inner peace. These principles reveal to us how to gain immeasurable benefits from reflecting deeply on the grander picture of our entire life, and see them as part of a much, much bigger picture. Not as just one more unconnected dot without purpose or meaning.

Your Door to Inner Peace is Open – Step Through

So, if it is a deep and abiding sense of Inner Peace that you want, and so far you have been thwarted in your search – open the door – walk through and step onto the next phase of your life journey. It is brighter, lighter and very rewarding, but only available to those with a willingness to truly enrich their lives, evolve and make a profound difference in their life and the lives of those with whom they share. It is time out for simply going with the flow and taking the rough and tumble of life as part of the natural course for your life. It need not be so. True inner peace operates at the level of the heart and soul, and is accessed through one very important door. That door is the same one that leads to vibrant good health, flowing abundance and joyful states of Inner Peace. That door is open. Step through now. Walk the walk into this rich and abundant, yet mystically hidden realm. Hidden because todays world focusses on the dots, not the whole.

Tapping simple, yet ancient practices that link all of your previous years of exploring what it is to live a meaningful life into a cohesive whole, purging all the unnecessary baggage you have accumulated – baggage that limits, restricts, restrains, impedes and imperils or fractures the birth right you have to experience Inner Peace. There are vital Universal principles which are essential in helping you understand yourself and others and in healing your whole life, including finances and physical well being. Understand a deeper truth, one that holds the key to abundance, love, light and joy will also introduce you to a deep sense of inner peace.

You see, every life challenge is of no use to you if you move along your life path and learn nothing from the journey. It is time to shift paradigm and open the heart to new possibilities, engage life fully and experience the life you came here to lead. It is time to live like the Mystic master that you really are. To that end I invite you to join me as your guide on the next phase of your journey of deep discovery. It is a journey that recognises all you have done and all the challenges you have met and confronted, whilst simultaneously guiding you to a simply better place in which to reside with your body, mind and soul. Release all the doctrines and dogmas that have tied you down from school, media, temple, church and education and reclaim the wonder of what it is to be the unique being that you truly are.

I look forward to working with you.

Blessings, Nigel

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