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The Really Big Questions and One Answer

Every so often I have drawn sections of material directly out of my book Simple Divinity: Discourses With The Dreamer.  In order to comprehend these posts, one needs to know the background to their genesis. Through a lifetime of work in this field, I have been gifted the great blessing of being overseen and guided by a Divine Master. This Master has been with me since I was a child. I always only knew of Him as “The Dreamer”. As my life cycle unfolded, it soon became clear to me that He was so much more than just “The Dreamer”. To find out more about that, I would commend you to read “Initiation Into Miracles: Footsteps IN The Ashes Of The Divine”. If you do, then keep and open mind and an open heart.

These posts when they occur are between myself and the Dreamer. My wife Regina would ask the question, the Dreamer would directly respond to her question through me. With that said here He addresses the purpose of life.

Q: Speaking of our Life’s Purpose as humans in this incarnation, what answer can be given to those who ask, “What is my purpose? Why am I here? Who is God? What is God? Who is this Holy One or that Holy One? What is a valid answer?

Dreamer: There could be many answers, but I will give one answer only: All is Love seeking Love.

Q: What is love?

Dreamer: Love is one’s HeartSpace. It is one’s connection to Pure Heart. It is where all of Creation begins. So when the Dreamer says there could be many answers, they all come through My Will. It is important to remember always that My Will is expressed through the Mother’s Heart, and the Mother’s Heart is in all beings. It is from this place that all understanding and wisdom pour forth. People must understand that as I speak to you, I Am the Eternal Principle. I am Pure Love. I am the Mother; I am the Father. For the current time, to assist you in spreading this message, it is important that you always speak of the Dreamer as your Source, for this is how I have come to you since your childhood. (The Dreamer speaks of His relationship to Nigel since childhood.) Those who know you will know who the Dreamer is. Those who do not currently know will not be concerned. Later, they will realize the Truth behind these words. First, let there be understanding, then awakening. It is important that this is written through the voice of the Dreamer. In this way people can assimilate this awareness I am giving you. There is so much difficulty for people now. There are so many lessons about to unfold around the form of chosen gods; only later will they come to understand the Truth. They do not yet understand. They want to, but they do not. So, what is it you wish to know?

Q: We have explored some deep principles of Creation, and higher teachings. I would like to bring things closer to home for people. But can we start by answering one more deep question? What is the purpose of Creation?

Dreamer: What is the purpose of Creation? Some say it is for God’s entertainment, and then others say, “But who is God?” When you tell them that God is Love, they ask, “Love has entertainment?”And then you say, “Yes, Love has entertainment.” What is the entertainment in Love? It is a game. What is the game? It is a game of hide and seek. One heart hides from another heart, with the aim of coaxing that heart out from behind the shadows. The hiding heart then comes out from behind the shadows and embraces the seeking heart. This is the purpose of Creation: It is to play the game and remove the shadows.

Then you say, “Where do the shadows come from?” They are within Creation. There can be no creation without a shadow. Even God, when incarnate as an Avatar or Holy One, displays a shadow. You stand and watch as He/She comes out, and you see the sun fall upon Him/Her, and there is a shadow. However, it is not God that is shadowed. Rather, it is the form that is shadowed, and it is through looking upon the form that humanity misunderstands Love and sees instead the shadow. You see, Heartspace is purified only when it stands in the Light of the Pure Heart “the Holy Sun” the “Son of God”. When it stands in the light of the full physical sun, it casts a shadow.

Q: The physical universe casts a shadow simply because we are projecting our inner Light outward and are, in so doing, experiencing Creation as separate from ourselves?

Dreamer: Yes! The inner universe of Heartspace is Pure Love “Pure Light”. There are no shadows there. Shadows exist as illusions that cloud the heart. It is in the inner world that humanity comes face to face with the force of fear, the anxieties that are then projected outward into the physical. In the inner world, these shadows have their sustenance through the support of ego. The Light of the heart is blocked by the clouds of fear that surround it. When ego surrenders to Divine Will, the shadows are no more.

Q: Thus the game of hide and seek “ one heart seeking another heart” is all about finding the Sun behind the sun behind the sun. This is where the pearl “the beauty and the depth” – must always be sought. This is why everyone must dive deeply; all must go deeply into their hearts.

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