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A Mentor, Belief And A Powerful Mind - Nigel Taylor

A Mentor, Belief And A Powerful Mind

My Mother And The Power Of A Sacred Belief

Here is an interesting fact: Most successful people have mentors who took them under their wing and showed them the ropes. The problem is, it’s hard to find guidance from someone who has actually done it and is willing to share everything with you.

That’s where Mothers come in. Mothers Are Great Teachers.

Let me share just a moment as to how I know. At the beginning of my career in presenting this material, my mother asked me a question. “Does this stuff really work? Does it work?”

It was a reasonable question and one that I needed to answer carefully. Yes, absolutely “this stuff” works. I continued by explaining that she needed to understand that the “It” part was actually “her” – or, in our instance, “You”.

Once you truly know, as Truth, that your mind is infinitely powerful, you will create magnificent results. However, you must become all that you wish to create. If it is abundance, then great, become abundant, but not out of context of all that it offers to all of creation.

My mother understood exactly what I was saying, after all, she was my teacher in so many ways. She then eyed me up and down and made an announcement. She pronounced that, in truth, somebody had to win all of the competitions out there, such as raffles, lotteries, and the like. So, she continued, why not her! She began to enter them each time she saw one. And every time she saw me, she repeated, “I am going to win big. You watch.”

Let It Begin

I could tell you the whole story, but here is the gist. At a live-drawing for a three week cruise around Australia, all expenses paid, in a luxury suite, my mother gently moved to the front of the gathered crowd to inform the announcer that no one could hear his voice. He had already announced two winners, but they had not claimed the prize. As she made her way back to the outer rim of the crowd her name was called out. She had won first prize! (See gloating image above of my parents just prior to leaving Fremantle on their cruise).

This was just the beginning. A few months later she won an all expenses trip for two flying from Perth, Western Australia to New Zealand and onwards to Hawaii. Once on the plane they were upgraded to Business Class. Something else she had predicted would happen. 

This stream continued. She won the viewer’s prize of just under $30,000 on the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, only to follow that up with another $30,000 win on Lotto. Numerous were the other prizes she won, both small and large.

I tell you this for one vitally important reason. All the odds appeared stacked against my mother, yet she worked the principles of a focussed mind and proved that she could turn the tide in her life. A tide away from lack to one of joy and abundance.

Now, it doesn’t work without heart, compassion, love and selflessness. These are all qualities that magnify the gifts of spirit. That’s why Mothers, who are creators right from the start, know the secret ingredients listed above. However, if Mother is not around to guide us, it is beneficial for us to seek guidance from someone who has proven results in her or his own life.

The World Is Full Of Great Teachers

Perhaps one of the greatest, if not the greatest in your life is YOU. That’s right. You have everything necessary to move from rags to riches, from ill health to wellness and from sorrow to joy. You are ultimately a spiritual being incarnate on planet earth having an experience in the human realm. It is never too late to recognise this and take steps to unleash this powerful force which makes you all of who and what you are.

Once this decision is made there are infinite tools available to help you. We share many of them here at www.nigeltaylor.com. Meditation, contemplation, self-reflection, affirmation, visualization, let alone all the healing secrets of the ages. They are yours for the picking. Just remember one thing though:

Always, but always, be discerning. Never ever take anything any one person says as gospel or absolute. That included me. Work through the principles and rise above the teacher. Become a way shower to those who will follow you and rise above your shoulders to lead others. What a great life you can choose to lead.

And, remember. The Community has great opportunities to help you along the way. I have included a link for you below to a programme that I love. It is a unique programme designed to really help you get your energy back, your life on track and your mind focussed. How? It is designed to restore mastery over deep, healing sleep. Think of the benefits that flow onwards from that outcome.

Click the link below if you are interested in Deep Healing Sleep. I will share more with you once there.

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