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From Rock n Roll To Soul - Nigel Taylor

From Rock n Roll To Soul

1970’s DJ in Perth. Teaching people to dance to the rhythm of their Soul

Wake Up The Lion

So we start this post with an image from the 1970’s. Yep, there you have it…sideburns, white belt, checkered shirt and the rest, including the flares. This represented a time in my life when I was having great fun as a DJ and MC.

The key to success in that field was to know your music, read your crowd, and sense the beat as you moved from one track to another. One bad judgment and your floor would empty. It became a joyful art form to learn how to move the energy of a group, show them how to have fun, and above all else push them to their limits in what they thought they could or could not do. For instance, going under a very low limbo stick was a real test. Ballroom dancing was another for the young folk, just like disco and rock was for the older folk. I emphasize it was fun, instructive, and something I enjoyed greatly in my life.

I was so comfortable that I know I could do this for the rest of my life. So much so that as I enjoyed continuing success, the traps that developed around me tightened. Good money. Doing something I really enjoyed. Plus, the constant challenge to stay ahead of the game. It was however, all too good. Just like when I was teaching, I had reached a point where there was another step to take and it was not inside the existing paradigm.

It was time to step out of what was the existing model of being and launch into something new. That new is where our story now goes. “Taking the steps necessary to change” forms the basis of all traditional self help teachings.

Success is a word that often intimidates people. Sometimes we look at a situation and make a decision that the goal is just too hard or too far away to achieve. Well over thirty years ago, a person who became a dear friend to me asked me a question:

“Do you want to help people achieve their dreams?” My answer was, “Yes!”

“Do you want to make a difference?” Again I issued forth a resounding, “Yes!”

“Okay,” he continued, “Do you see yourself teaching large classes of people?” My answer was considered and yet accurate. “Eventually,” I replied.

“That’s not an answer,” he replied. “It’s ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Make up your mind.”

As many of you know, my answer was “Yes!”

“Does the thought of this make you feel uncomfortable?” he continued. “Yes!” I said, being brutally honest with both of us.

“Good,” he said. “Because if it did not make you feel uncomfortable, I would know I have asked the wrong person.”

“That’s great,” he continued…”Your on stage in ten minutes. Get ready, I am going to take a break.”

And with that I moved from the fence to the field, from discussion to decision, from dream to reality, from mouse to lion, and beyond. I walked into someone else’s domain – a room packed with near on 200 people – and started teaching the principles of love, life and success. I have never looked back!

Since then I have been blessed to share with people across this world. It is my passion. It was a transitional moment away from teaching as I had known it, music as I had known it, and into a brand new field where time-tested beliefs about myself were being taken to a new level. There is a lot more I can tell you about this, but let me reflect on two things.

Teaching People To Dance With The Light of Their Soul

Two Things To Remember

First, never ever put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Believe me, it’s not worth it. Use every available tool to advance the richness of your life, always keeping in mind the integrity of your being. If you feel, sense and know in your heart that it is time for change, then you can pretty well be assured that it is.

Secondly, be aware that life is abundant in so many ways. If we stand still abundance dries up. We must flow with life’s challenges in order to reap life’s blessings.

To that end, it is important for us to seek to understand abundance for what it is. A flow of energy, a current of life force. Think about this. We do not call money “currency” for nothing. We do so because of its root in the word “current”. What does a river do? It flows, and the water develops currents of energy that move it in very specific ways. These currents of energy are created by interactions of the water with the river bed, river banks, depth of river basin, temperature of surface, and particles in suspension in water, let alone obstacles in its path.

Your life and your abundance are intimately tied together through the currency of your will. The fact that you WILL meet obstacles. The fact that sometimes the temperature does get unbearably hot, that the depth into which you are required to plunge can become unnervingly deep, and so forth, all combine with the toxins of your life. If your life energies are full of toxic disbelief in your worthiness and ability to receive, then so also are the currents of abundance that will pass through you thus stymied and prevented from opening up their full glory.

So, it is time to answer the call of the Quest and dive deep into the possibilities life has to offer you. There are many ways to do this. One sure fire option is to join us in Reserved Wisdom. In this training series we are offering you specific keys to improving your relationship to opportunities and the flow of abundance. However, you must dive in and to do that you need to pluck up courage. What better reveals courage than the majestic lion?

So to close off this section let me give you a link to a great video. And if you don’t already know the length to which a lion/lioness will go in his and or her bravery, and how he/she might respond to a situation we might consider uncomfortable, to say the least, check this out here. If you have seen it before, great! Watch it again, only this time swap places with the lion in your mind and heart. Enjoy!

BECOME LIKE A LION Click Here To Watch Video

This is really a lesson in being true to one’s nature. Remember, you make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Enjoy the journey. Blessings, Nigel

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