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About - Nigel Taylor

Walking the Path of Love

Nigel shares a very simple message: “Love in Action”. Through a lifetime of teaching, healing, writing, and traveling, Nigel has touched the lives of many souls worldwide. It is not he personally who uplifts those who are drawn to his work, but rather the resonance that exists between the point from which he shares – the field of love – and the latent, hidden truth that is our own heart center. He is an instrument to facilitate our awareness and transformation, as we align with the truth of ourselves which opens us to infinite possibility.


As an author, he conveys words which catalyze a change within us, through the sheer power of their authenticity. As a teacher, he has shared with and inspired people around the world throughout his lifetime, conveying the essence of wisdom teachings with a joy and insight which illuminates the universal pathways of higher realization.  As a healer, Nigel simply acts as an instrument to awaken the purity of our own hearts.


A frequent media guest across the globe, Nigel brings a sense of lightness to the spirit through his fun loving presentations, and light to the soul through his radiance of peace and love.

More About Nigel

An “ambassador of the heart,” Nigel Taylor has trekked across the planet, working and studying with its vast array of cultures and creeds – from the kabalistic traditions of East and West to the Dreamtime of the aboriginal people of his own land, Australia.


He has shared with some of the world’s great teachers, from the masters of India to the Bedouins of the Middle East to the indigenous peoples of North America.


Guidance received from the inner planes since childhood together with Nigel’s life experiences has inspired facilitation of health retreats, shamanistic journeys, corporate spiritual trainings, and his many recorded meditations and books, including Initiation Into Miracles, The Power Before Thought and the soon-to-be released Secrets from the Master’s Heart. Nigel’s work has been covered by national radio and newspapers and endorsed by best selling authors, business leaders, politicians and spiritual seekers worldwide such as Gregg Braden, Jani King, James Twyman, and Robert Stone.


In his early teens, Nigel began his first business to assist in the support of his family. He continued this entrepreneurial trend and then trained in radio and television and began his own entertainment company. His university education then led him to pursue a career in teaching. Teaching took him to the Australian outback where he shared with and taught Aborigines. He reached a senior position within the Australian educational system before departing on the journey of his present life work. These relationships created a profound spark for his work with the Mind and Spirit.

Speaking directly from the experiences of his own truth, Nigel expresses a love of the Divine, a reverence for the pursuit of truth, a mastery of his path.


A visionary teacher, healer, and author, Nigel weaves esoteric and exoteric, ancient and contemporary, to deliver profound truth with a joy and simplicity that makes it fascinating, entertaining, and understandable to all.


He has assisted thousands of people towards health, healing, and spiritual understanding, as well as spiritual fulfillment.

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