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Books & Products - Nigel Taylor

Unique Spiritual Teachings To Transform Your Life

Nigel has produced a broad and diverse collection of life changing resources. Delve deep into what is available here and you will find audio, video, transcripts, books, interviews and webinars all of which are designed to uplift those who consciously engage the Quest.

The Eternal Quest Series 1 Meditation Series

We structure our outer lives upon a series of spatial constructs. Bedroom for sleep, office for work, kitchen for cooking, and so forth. These constructs are based upon a series of ideas, and these ideas govern our outer experience. In this series of four inner plane journeys, you are guided into the realm of deep possibilities. A reconstruction of your own inner being is enabled to pour forth from a higher truth. Pure wisdom guides the ideas and leads you to a place of great opportunity to live more fully in the outer world. Guided wisdom from the Inner Realms, ancient and contemporary spiritual wisdom. (4 meditations series)

The Eternal Quest Series 2 Meditation Series

Romancing the Soul is exactly what it says. A series of four journeys designed to cleanse, uplift, heal, and reunite your soul with a greater sense of peace, love and purpose. Building upon previous meditations, these four journeys elevate the soul into a greater union with the personality. Such a union leads to greatly enhanced spiritual prowess, energies and intuitive knowing. (4 meditations series)

The Eternal Quest Series 3 Meditation Series

To be constantly aware of the potent power that is available to us in our time is a gift. Such awareness leads to encounters with angelic beings, deep reconciliation of soul fragments lost over many lifetimes, and the capacity to touch deep Master Wisdom from across time, space and dimensions. Dancing With Divinity opens the door for this constant state of awareness. (4 meditations series)

The Eternal Quest Series 4 Meditation Series

The Spirit of Surrender is a state of joy. This Master Series meditation is a set of four highly acclaimed journey’s to the inner realm of our being. It It escorts one to a state of inner peace where one knows and lives from a deep truth that speaks fully of who they are. One does not acquire this gift without addressing the need to fully surrender to the heart and, once there, to then surrender deeper to the emptiness that precedes our nature. Spirit of Surrender guides you gently and effortlessly into that sacred space. The Four Journey’s of this series stand alone or work collectively in a sequence of building inner change. (4 meditations series)

Esoteric Expansion Meditation Series

Esoteric expansion involves entry into realms of powerful magic and mystery. Carefully guided by the Master, you will visit the realm of alchemy and light to bring forth major leaps in esoteric awareness. The inner realms are no longer veiled by beliefs of separation and reveal themselves as ever present in our daily lives. What was once hidden is now revealed and ready for your exploration. (4 meditations series)

Manifesting Perfect Health Meditation Series

Nigel has developed a ten step program, through which each meditation leads into the next, building upon a firm healing foundation. That which is found in the first replicates and unfolds deeper as you progress higher.  Open the door to a sacred place where deep healing may start to take place. (10 meditations series)

initiation into miracles nigel taylor spiritual teacher and healer

Initiation Into Miracles Book

Meet Nigel on the timeline of his spiritual sojourn and take his experiences into your heart – for they are your own experiences manifested in the words of his journey. You will feel your life uplifted as his has been. You too will open the door to Spirit, engage the realm of the angels, and feel the presence of the Avatar of this age.

(Currently not available in digital format)

power before thought nigel taylor spiritual teacher and healer

The Power Before Thought Book

14 magical lessons gifting us a truly powerful life experience are offered through this small but triumphant book, as Nigel reveals how and why you will gain great blessings by understanding the Power that comes before Thought!

(Available in digital and softcover versions)