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Intuitive Soul Mastery Class - Nigel Taylor

The Intuitive Soul Mastery Class (Weekend Course)

Are we excited? YES!


This empowering, “just what we all need right now” weekend consciousness training delivers a proven pathway to enhance your experience of life in every way…join us for your own magical breakthrough experience. 


Your soul is saying, “I know your deepest desires, but do you? I know what you are capable of, but do you?”


Ask yourself:


• Is anything holding you back? 

• Do you seek a better way of living, a feeling of wellness and vibrancy?

• Do you want to make a difference to a  world in such great need? 

• Would you like to offer remote healing possibilities to your loved ones or clients?

• Do you want to experience heightened conscious awareness?

• Would you like the ability to recreate your reality easily and effectively, with lasting results?  


This training course gives you ALL you need to do ALL of this. Uncomplicated, highly effective Protocols, wisdom teaching and unique frequency audio combine to give you the results you most desire. 


Why are we excited?


Life is pretty chaotic right now for many of us, which translates to experiencing internal energetic conflict as well. You know the type…Sleeplessness…Mind Chatter…Anxiety about any number of issues…The causes are many but they all tie into  “Mass Cultural Hypnosis” and manipulation of thought power and energies in the world today. 


Many people are living day to day, unconscious of this great disempowering of their personal energies. They are also unaware of the power of WILL to change our lives and the lives of those around us in magnificent and VERY ACHIEVABLE ways. 


So, on to the excitement! It is time we take the reins back and guide our own lives from a place of: 


• Centered Calm

• Pure Health

• Positive Thought 

• Empowered Will 

• Abundant Life Energy

• Miracle and Manifestation


You will receive:


A series of Mastery Protocols, very specifically engineered by Nigel as a culmination and incorporation of his work with ancient Mystery School Wisdom Teachings, the blessings received from Spirit since childhood, and a uniquely effective combination of frequency and vibrational healing audio technology. 


Specifically, You Will: 


  • Be guided into a self-sustaining and uniquely personal Sacred Space and Healing Temple on the Inner Planes where you will create and set the energetic patterns that will manifest as desired outcomes in the lifestream of your physical reality. 


  • Work with your own Master Guides to assist you in working between the Inner and Outer Worlds.


  • Utilize Tools of Healing offered by Spirit and implemented using the Intuitive Soul Mastery Protocols.


  • Receive a technique to access your Place of Perfect Peace within The Garden of the Universe…learning also to achieve centered calm in seconds.


  • See evidence of your experience of consciousness evolution through the profound experience of Remote Viewing and Healing by the completion of your ISM journey.  And more!

PLUS . . .


As part of this coursework, you will receive your Intuitive Mastery Protocol Manual, so that you can continue your practice set in place on the weekend, AND you will receive your ISM Certificate upon completion of the program. (In addition, the ISM Protocol Meditation series will be available for you should you choose to acquire them for use in your own practice, for self and others.)


PLUS – PLUS . . .


We will offer repeat privileges to all ISM group members, in all cities and countries. If you have taken the course already, we invite you to take it again and again . . .  This really works in your favour. As long as we have met our course attendee requirements, we welcome you to join in.  You pay the tuition only once and then can repeat the training, in whatever city we visit with the ISM, for a very nominal fee to cover expenses. AND, if you register with a friend who is a new attendee, this fee is minimal.


View more course details, benefits and personal testimonials below . . . And feel the excitement you can expect to know for yourself through Intuitive Soul Mastery! 

A Glimpse of Your Weekend Experience:


  • You will engage in a 2 1/2 day immersion of progressive learning and application of proven, uncomplicated protocols for mind management and connection to higher consciousness for deep mind/body/soul expansion.


  • Nigel will convey these processes to you in a way that makes them easy to follow and practice, enjoyable and enlightening.


  • Nigel will teach, guide and direct as you share – as a small group – a finely tuned series o protocols that train your mind, improve memory, awaken talents, allow you to thrive amidst stress and loss, heighten your awareness and connect you to universal energies.


  • You will receive the guidance to effectively and accurately tap into your intuitive knowing, accessing higher non-physical guidance, and manifest desired outcomes.


  • You will receive a Soul Mastery Manual for your use during and after the course.


  • Recordings of the course protocols will be available on the weekend.

What Others Say About Intuitive Soul Mastery:


“Truly a life altering … Spiritually enlightening and uplifting experience. So grateful I listened to my guides and took this big step! Wow!! Wow! Wow!” ~ Melita


“Discover who your really are. The class is profound yet easily understood. Nigel uses real life to illustrate how the principles work. Totally transformative and Life Changing. I came in in fear, anxiety and worry. I left feeling Love, Joy, Inner Peace. Everyone needs to take this Class! Thank you Nigel for bringing these principles to our world. Can’t wait to take the refresher course! In Eternal Gratitude for all you give.” ~ Cynthia


“Nigel, this class is brilliant. It truly was a consciousness expansion experience. The protocols were excellent and the actual experience of using them during the class was immediately enlightening. I am forever grateful to have been part of your class. It has reminded me of being mindful and to stand strong in my power.” ~ Lacey Harris IN.


“As an Associate Director of a Spiritual Center, and my journey for Spiritual knowledge, I have attended numerous Seminars and Workshops over the past years, but I wanted to let you know that the “Intuitive Soul Mastery” seminar (class), you gave in Greenwood, IN was  by far the most wonderful and helpful seminar or workshop I have ever attended.  I love the Protocol techniques, and I would also like to add, You are the Best!!” ~ LuLu


“Nigel is a true master teacher. The ISM/Power Before Thought Mastery Series Level 1 is an immersive, soul expanding journey. It is the journey your heart is calling you to. Nigel taught us protocols that I have incorporated into my daily spiritual life. As I continue to practice the protocols, I am experiencing a deeper understanding of myself and my power to manifest what I desire. And it is so much fun!” ~ Wendi