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Manifesting Perfect Health Meditation Series - Nigel Taylor

Manifesting Perfect Health Meditation Series

HEALTH IS A RIGHT…NOT A PRIVILEGE.  For way too long humanity has seen healing as being directed and governed by forces outside of themselves.  This surrenders one’s ability to create a profound and noticeable difference in your overall well-being and enjoyment of a life well lived.


THE HEALING QUEST is created from scratch with your overall health in mind. Nigel has developed a ten step program, through which each meditation leads into the next, building upon a firm healing foundation. That which is found in the first replicates and unfolds deeper as you progress higher. PLUS, he has infused each meditation with the science of Satsonics©. 


SATSONICS® uses brainwave entrainment and has been developed over many years from interaction with thousands of clients and industry professionals.


ADDITIONAL BLESSINGS! There is an ebook The Healing Quest which accompanies this program AND a Health Mastery Forum is being created for members to join in and ask questions.


Achieving Energetic Alignment: Dive deep into physical, emotional and mental relaxation. Open the door to a sacred place where deep healing may start to take place.

This is one special healing journey with Nigel you will not want to miss.

Manifesting Perfect Health Meditations:


– Multi-Dimensional Healing: Builds upon the first journey and delves into the use of sacred images and language to activate specific inner dimensional healing.


– Healing Master’s Wisdom: Connect with the wisdom of the Healing Master’s and start the dimensional shift from host of low vibrational states to union with high vibrational healing states.


– Restoring Inner Balance: One does not heal if one does not know who they are. So often souls abdicate their own truth to that of someone else’s. This returns you to a place of Self Knowing.


– Infusion of Vitality: Access and align with specific tones of sound and light. Sound is healing and very unique sounds activate very unique and beneficial healing outcomes.


– Embracing Love: A time to call upon the Ultimate Healing Force in the Universe. There is no  power greater than Pure Love to heal. Love is without division and without shadow.


– Restoring Universal Flow: Step by step you grow out of the lower vibrational states and reclaim your birthright in the higher creation where healing is no longer necessary, for you ARE.


– Healing In Sleep: Empower deep healing sleep so as to provide the quiet space for healing to take place, free of the conscious minds chatter and intervention.


– Weaving Life’s Magic: A joyful journey of bringing together the fabric of one’s life journey.


– Living From Centre: Closing off this series you are taken to a place that signs, seals and delivers the final key to maintenance of good health and well being. To be in “Centre” is to be aligned with the great healing core of creation. This closing meditation establishes the pathway to accommodate and maintain this outcome.