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On Becoming A Healing Master: Class Information - Nigel Taylor

On Becoming A  Healing Master: Class


Look around the world today and pay attention to what you see. Apart from the extraordinary amount of really good things that are being done, things such as charity work, acts of kindness, sharing of love and moves towards a collective responsibility for the planets future, there are hidden pains that show our deep wounds.


These wounds are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wars at play across our world. Daily there is a bombardment of news feed (for those watching or reading) and associated with this is the never ending cycle of events that indicate the world is truly going through a very, very significant period of change.


Earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and bushfires alone are portends of the mass movement of populations, caused by increasing growth of ego-fueled separation of nation state to nation state. Humanity is playing with a crisis so deep and so profound that it is ultimately incumbent upon all of us to override this energy wave and reach for the higher and greater good.


How does one do this, however, when one is immersed in the Mass Cultural Hypnosis of this age?


Answer: Rise above the energy field and heal the Spirit. Not the “spirits”, but the “Spirit”. Return to Unity. Understand, through deep soul healing, one’s relationship to the All. Each and every single soul that experiences healing, and/or acts as an instrument to assist others in the same field, actually lifts all of creation upwards in the spiral of creation.


If that sounds too challenging, then so be it. Nothing changes. Yet Truth is truth, and we have a collective responsibility to become the healer we came here to be.


Now, while we may each do this our own way, there are some very powerful principles at play that help us individually, and ultimately collectively, to rise above the game and create a new set of rules that will create a force field so powerful it will, through its presence, attract others to be desirous of joining.


It is to this end that Nigel has created two programmes:


First, he has the three+ hour afternoon workshop titled “On Becoming A Healing Master”. This workshop clearly defines the principles Nigel has learned across a lifetime of teaching  and acting as an instrument of healing. These are the defining principles that power the work that is done in any healing session he has ever facilitated. Literally thousands have, over the years, participated in the healings Nigel has been blessed to share. It is now time for these principles to be passed on the those who are willing and able to accept the challenge and carry on the work he has been doing as an instrument for so long.


Following on from this introductory programme is the three day retreat “The Practice Of A Healing Master”. This is the actual application of the principles as taught by Nigel. Participants will be given the opportunity to have intimate teachings and practical application of these understandings so as to take them forth into their own healing practice. More details will be shared on this retreat in the near future as we approach the time of delivery.


Initially it is mandatory for anyone who wishes to participate in the retreat to have had one or more healing sessions with Nigel, to have attended the afternoon On Becoming a Healing Master class, and to have worked through The Healing Quest – Manifesting Perfect Health Meditation Series.


The final On Becoming class for this year will be held in New Jersey on November 24th. Please see details on flyer attached.