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Teachings - Nigel Taylor

Wisdom Teachings for the Modern Soul

Deep, authentic laws and principles that govern our lives are capable of revolutionizing our reality. Understanding them so as to be able to both make sense of them and apply them is an art form. No matter the issues you confront, such as determining your life’s purpose, seeking abundance, enriching relationships, finding inner peace, or exploring the deep Inner teachings, you must have a clearly defined path upon which to walk. To that end, we offer you the resources of this site and the teachings of Nigel Taylor.

The Eternal Quest

Everyone is engaged in the Eternal Quest. No matter what belief or lack thereof one may hold as truth, each will pass through the trails and tribulations of a life path destined to uplift their soul.  Many throughout time have chosen to partake in this Quest unconsciously. To participate consciously opens a whole new vista on life’s purpose and the capacity to master and direct the journey towards the very best outcomes.

Asking questions is the core to the quest. Knowing how to ask them and how to discern the quality of the response is key. Those who ask, listen, discern and answer the burning questions of life awaken the deepest wisdom in their hearts. 

The Healing Quest


This class is designed to assist you to step out of the shadows of externally generated health outcomes and walk into those which are internally created. In other words, it is time to both learn how to heal yourself and how to take the power back into your life for that state of well being. After spending a lifetime working with people around the world, acting both as student (and sometimes patient) and as the instrument for the healing to precipitate in another,Nigel offers you understandings of ancient wisdom and modern insight to manifest this powerful healing state.

Intuitive Soul Mastery

Developed out of the Power Before Thought teachings, Nigel offers you Intuitive Soul mastery as a training program created to uplift and empower your sense of Self. One hears often enough that we are all “ONE”. That the way we think and emote influence our world and the world of those around us. This is all philosophy until one can firmly experience this reality as their own truth. To that end the ISM training assists you to develop indisputable skills to open the door to your intuitive (psychic) wisdom.   Intuitive Soul mastery is a key element in the Eternal Quest. It is the launching pad for great soul evolution and mind expansion.

The Practical Mystic

Join us to boost your inspiration and receive powerful techniques for thriving through the rapidly changing energies of our times. During this course, one of our most popular classes, Nigel offers you effective and easily applied wisdom keys from ancient and modern mystery schools which meld into paradigm-shifting and enlightening discovery.   As guided by Spirit, he takes you on a journey to access the hidden potential of your Authentic Self. In this sacred space, you will access treasures to make your life ever-abundant. See the flyer below and glimpse the benefits you will receive to empower your every day living and give you the feeling of centered calm in the midst of any “storm” life hands you.

The Power Before Thought

The PBT Program, based on Nigel’s book The Power Before Thought, offers a revolutionary system of applied insight and weaving of this life-defining Power – from the point of Source into the “dreamed” reality of our individual and collective creation.  Through easy application of sacred principles and modern science, Nigel will guide you to awaken your Self Reflective Consciousness and the latent skills you possess to create the world in the image of Love at the centre of your Beingness – your HeartSpace. You will easily receive and access all you need to bring about great joy and positive change to your own life and to the greater world in need of your co-creation and gifts.

Reserved Wisdom “The 33 Master Principles”

One word can change a life, for better or worse. Such is the power of language. When one strings together words into a sentence, and sentences into paragraphs, chapters, books and extensions thereof, ideas and concepts are exchanged. These ideas and concepts have the power to enslave or liberate one’s life.  “Know Thyself” is the key to the Reserved Wisdom. To Know Thyself is to embrace and engage the power of your life journey to its fullest and to enjoy each and every moment. Such power as this only comes to those who are ready, willing and able to commit to the learning. This is The Reserved Wisdom. The keys that unlock your heart to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. 

Circle of Light

For so long spiritual mastery has been clouded in dogma, ritual and doctrine. Books have sought to unlock mysteries, yet they themselves also impose limitations on the expansion of light within a soul. So often, books and teachers fail to speak directly to your heart and interact with your soul in a dynamic and life fulfilling way.  The Circle of Light is a masterful concept. It speaks directly to YOU. It is an individual program that offers you profound esoteric teaching, made simple, over a period of 270 days. Taken at your own pace, these lessons are unique, being drawn from a lifetime cultivated with experience of travel, participation in mystery traditions and sitting at the feet of masters.

After a lifetime of disciplined study and participation in the Quest, Nigel offers this to you in the comfort of your own home.