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The Eternal Quest Class - Nigel Taylor

The Eternal Quest Class

In today’s world I meet people from every age group, every race and every belief. There are the devout followers of a specific faith ~ Christians, Buddhists, Moslems, Hindus, Jewish, Indigenous and many, many others. Then there are the devout agnostics, the atheists, the cynics and the skeptics. Of course there are all of those in between each and every crevice that separates one idea of reality from another. I know you understand. Each group breaks into infinite denominations.


Plus there are those who have placed their faith in the market with all of its players. We have gods and goddesses who sell us ideas. Media personalities, performers, celebrity chefs and so it goes.


• Life is busy.

• Life is full.

• Life as we know it eventually leaves us…


One day each of us will reach that point where we hang up our hat and pass through the veil.

We leave behind…


• Our beliefs

• Our hurts

• Our pains 

• Our anguish

• We leave behind our loved ones and then what?


We take the next step of our journey into the… Great Unknown


We are all on this quest, young and old alike.  We may look different in our age, gender, race, wellness or abundance, but at the level of the Soul, we are all the same. So consider this…


Asking questions IS the CORE of the Quest.

 ~ Knowing HOW to ask them

 ~ Knowing HOW to discern the quality of the response…


Now, that is The Eternal Quest.


Those who ask, listen, discern and answer awaken the deepest wisdom in their hearts. They become the

Light Workers, the WayShowers and the beacons that uplift all.

It’s Time Now To Step Into The Stream…and participate consciously in this journey.

The Eternal Quest is designed to open the door on The Quest.


Here is where we go…


1. To illuminate how questioning is a wisdom practice that leads directly to discovering for yourself the wisdom, conviction and inner certainty that leads to greater knowledge and understanding of the deepest issues and mysteries of life.


2. To articulate major questions common to people throughout the ages as part of our true higher education and spiritual literacy. Educating for living a meaningful life, not just education for making a living.


3. To help provoke further self inquiry aimed towards articulating your own most personally vital question. This question calls to you and pulls you forward and simultaneously drives your dreams, ambitions, desires and pushes you beyond habitual limits and frameworks, as you continue to consciously evolve towards a far more wise and expansive future.


And, of course…much more, during this life-expanding, awareness awakening experience with Nigel.