The Eternal Quest Meditation Series 1

WISDOM IS DEEP WITHIN…ONLY BY LISTENING TO THE GENTLE WHISPERS DOES IT AWAKEN.  Nigel has crafted a series of sixteen life transforming meditative journey’s, offered across four series. These journey’s complement Nigel’s teachings of the Eternal Quest.


Each is designed to take you further, deeper and border into the essence of your spirit journey. That which is found in the first replicates and unfolds deeper as you progress higher. PLUS, he has infused each meditation with the science of Satsonics©.


SATSONICS® uses brainwave entrainment and has been developed over many years from interaction with thousands of clients and industry professionals.


ADDITIONAL BLESSINGS! There is an ebook The Eternal Quest which accompanies this program AND a Quest Mastery Forum is being created for members to join in and ask questions.


This is one unique spiritual experience journey with Nigel you will not want to miss.

The Eternal Quest Meditation Series 1:


– Whispers of Wisdom: Pure wisdom guides the ideas and leads you to a place of great opportunity to live more fully in the outer world. Guided wisdom from the Inner Realms, ancient and contemporary spiritual wisdom. (MP3 Download)


– Chamber of The Soul: Introduction to Ascension Meditation, the Chamber of the Soul, and the beginning of the path of Self Transformation. (MP3 Download)


– A Tapestry of Truth: Guided exploration of the matrix of Cosmic truths which lead through self-reflection into dramatic realizations at all levels of your inter-dimensional beingness. Draws upon ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions. (MP3 Download)


– Awakening To Celebration: Celebration is a state of consciousness. To enter into that state and to live from it is an accomplishment of seeded patterns and thoughts. This inner journey plants the seeds of celebration and enhances the joy in your life. (MP3 Download)