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The Power Before Thought Class - Nigel Taylor

The Power Before Thought Class

The Power Before Thought Program, based on Nigel’s book The Power Before Thought, offers a revolutionary system of applied insight and weaving of this life-defining Power – from the point of Source into the “dreamed” reality of our individual and collective creation. 


This Way of desired enhancement and life-shift is based in a formula of ancient secrets and contemporary wisdom gleaned through Nigel’s years of study, exploration, deep understanding and journeys through our multi-dimensional reality.


Through easy application of sacred principles and modern science, Nigel will guide you to awaken your Self Reflective Consciousness and the latent skills you possess to create the world in the image of Love at the centre of your Beingness – your HeartSpace. You will easily receive and access all you need to bring about great joy and positive change to your own life and to the greater world in need of your co-creation and gifts.


During this adventure of exploration and understanding with Nigel, you will: 


  • Receive a life-transforming process, featuring Activator Keys that will enhance each day and assist you to manifest the future you choose.


  • Transcend Mass Cultural Hypnosis and time/space through your newly perceived multi-dimensional Lens of Truth and multi-dimensional Bodies of Being.


  • Discover how to use your Thoughtlines to shift any aspect of your reality with simple techniques by working with the Power Before Thought.


  • Uncover and connect with the perfect Blueprint of Creation latent within you to realign your life with centered calm, deep ease, and great joy.


  • Awaken to, feel and know the passionate Divine Spark at the core of living a life of purpose and fulfillment.


  • Enjoy Nigel’s deeply healing Meditative Journeys that will leave you feeling happy, peaceful and free from constraint at all levels of your being.


  • Engage a simple yet dramatically effective pathway that allows you to Follow your Bliss through living the Truth of who you are.


The time to discover and follow your soul’s calling is NOW and the sacred space awaits . . . opening a doorway to transformation, with the support of Mother Earth’s energies and the Power to shift us into a higher reality, in love and service to Self and all of humanity. 


Though we have endeavored for years to put into words what transpires in class with Nigel Taylor, we have never truly  conveyed the delight , release, lift and shift we all experience, both as a group and individually. All agree, you have to feel it and know it for yourself!  So make sure you join us for this unique transformational afternoon of joy, healing and spiritual expansion.