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Video Gallery - Nigel Taylor

Video Gallery

Below are just a few clippings of Nigel as he speaks on different topics ranging from inner peace, meditation, healing, relationships through to the teachings of the ancients.  Some clips are from his classes and some from interviews. Enjoy!

Nigel featured on Gaia TV on Freedom from Mass Cultural Hypnosis – feature on Nigel’s book, The Power Before Thought.

Nigel Discusses His Training Programs – A brief exploration of what Nigel’s online and in class explorations and evolutionary materials are about.

Nigel Speaks On Relationships – Brief discussion by Nigel as to the nature and importance of relationships in spiritual evolution.

The Power Before Thought -Excerpt from a class discussion based upon the principles of Nigel’s book, The Power Before Thought.

Interview With Sandie Sedgebeer from Virtual Light Network speaks to Nigel about the Dream and spiritual upheaval at this moment in time.

Two Suns – A visual meditative journey Nigel created to inspire those engaging the Quest.

Sacred Unity – Nigel addresses the International Conference on Enlightenment, Shamanism and Sacred Sexuality. A brief excerpt on the potency of relating to the energies of balance.

Into The Quest – Earlier Years. Nigel addresses the Unity of Houston Pyramid audience in 1996 on a theme that has been a constant in his life.  Listen in and see if you can spot it.

The Practical Mystic – Brief excerpt from class in which Nigel addresses the foundations of the Practical Mystic’s awakening.

Nigel Speaks On Health and Wellness – A brief discussion covering the understandings of health and well being.

Unleash The Power – Fun expose on the reasons for squiring and reading the Power Before Thought.

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